FOUR Week Intensive: Surface Safari Course

Our education program is currently on hold in accordance with current restrictions in place due to Covid-19. We will resume scheduling courses  once it is safe to do so. Individual students will bookings for Term 3 will be contacted directly. 

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Course Description

Have you had a little experience with clay and glaze, but want to know more? Are you uncertain about available decorative techniques? Don’t know what the terms ‘sgraffito’ or ‘mishima entail? This beginner level course is suitable for participants with some previous experience in ceramics, such as those that have completed a six week course at NPS or equivalent.

In this course participants will be introduced to a wide array of decorative techniques and decorating materials for stoneware. Through demonstrations participants will be shown how to apply these techniques and discover their potential for creating interesting surfaces. This course allows participants to explore and experiment. Our aim is for participants to acquire knowledge and confidence to continue developing their ceramic surfaces into the future. The following techniques will be explored, on leatherhard or bisque tiles. These tiles will be fired for students to keep. Digital presentations throughout to compliment course content.

Slip – making slip, stains in slip, texture, trailing, painting, marbling, sgraffito, inlay, mishima.

Underglazes – painting, paper resist, sgraffito, sponging, including ceramic pencils.

Glazing – dipping, pouring, brushing, layering, cold wax resist, latex, stencils, overglaze painting with stains and oxides.

Lustres – application.

In this course work will be fired progressively. Please bring along your own apron, notepad and pen. Covered shoes are essential.

IMPORTANT: This course is best suited to participants with some previous experience with ceramics, such as those that have completed a six week course at NPS, or equivalent. This course focuses on stoneware surfaces. This is an exploratory course for experimenting with a range of surface techniques. Students should not expect to get resolved finished items. If you have any questions please call us on (03) 9387 3911.




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