Handbuilding Course

Our education program is currently on hold in accordance with current restrictions in place due to Covid-19. We will resume scheduling courses  once it is safe to do so. Individual students will bookings for Term 3 will be contacted directly. 



Course Description

The flexibility of hand building with clay offers endless opportunities for creating a variety of forms. This six week course will introduce students to the fundamental hand building techniques of pinching, coiling and slab building. Using these techniques students will create a range of forms, varying from functional ware to sculptural forms, and experiment with a range of techniques to explore texture and surface decoration. This course is an ideal introduction to experimenting with various handbuilding techniques. This course will use a variety of teaching methods, including one to one tutorials and group demonstrations. Students will receive one to one support from your tutor to discuss and develop personal projects using a range of ceramic techniques.

The cost of this course includes one bag of clay (buff stoneware), use of tools, firing, and materials for decorating and glazing. Our pottery supply shop stocks a wide variety of products you may wish to explore further and is open during business hours. This course will have a maximum of 10 students.


Please bring along your apron. Covered shoes are essential.

Week 1 – Pinching and coiling techniques

Week 2 – Pinching and coiling techniques continued, exploring surface texture and decoration

Week 3 – Press moulded vessels

Week 4 – Slab building with impressed textures

Week 5 – Shop Tours! Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of your class for a brief tour of our pottery shop and SMALLpieces space.Decorating techniques for press moulded and slab built forms

Week 6 – Discussion of glazes and glaze application, glaze demonstrations (dipping, pouring), students apply glazes to all their work for final firing.

After the completion of the course work takes 2-3 weeks to be fired. Students will be emailed when work is ready for collection.



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