Intermediate Wheel Throwing – Tuesdays 6:00-8:30pm

6 x 2.5 hour sessions

$470 per person


Each Intermediate Wheel Throwing class will have a maximum of 10 participants.


Class Dates: Tuesdays 2nd August – 6th September 6:00-8:30pm


Tutor: Claire Ellis


Please take the time to read through our Terms and Conditions before making your booking.

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After the completion of at least two Beginners Wheel Throwing courses (or the equivalent from other schools) students can move over to Intermediate and build on from cylinders and bowls to handles, attachments and galleries – such as milk jugs, sugar bowls and cups.

If you are not sure about whether you are ready to book into the intermediate class, please call or email the education coordinator on 03 9387 3911 or

The cost of this course includes one bag of clay, use of tools, firing, and all materials for decorating and glazing. Our pottery supply shop stocks a wide variety of products should you wish to explore further, and staff are always happy to help guide you.

Please bring along your own towel and apron. Covered shoes are essential.


Course Guide

Week 1 – Your tutor will provide an overview of the course structure and demonstrate their throwing technique to you. Revision on centering the clay, opening up and producing  vessels with even wall thickness. Production of beakers that would be used  as jugs, cups, mugs. Aiming to generate a small group of similar shaped objects.

Week 2 – Neaten or turn the base of the vessels made in week one. Tutor to demonstrate handle making-rolling / pulling and how to apply these to the wares made last week. Throw some more forms.

Week 3 –  Turn ware from last week . Tutor to demonstrate how to make a gallery for a lidded container.  Students will make containers and several lids per container, learning how to measure lid and gallery distances. Tutor will demonstrate how to throw/add  a knob to the lid that suits the overall shape of the ware.  Galleries and lids are demonstrated this week.

Week 4 – Turning and fitting lids to galleries so that they fit, making more work.

Week 5 – Finishing off lidded containers and any additions to vessels. Decorate work using underglazes and tissue transfers. All work to be ready for bisque firing. Any pieces not left on the class shelves uncovered will not be fired in time for glaze week.

Week 6 – Discussion of glazes and glaze application, glaze demonstrations (dipping, pouring), students apply glazes to all their work for final firing.

Course work will take approximately 2-3 weeks to fire after class finishes; students have up to month to collect their work. The Education Co-ordinator will send an email when work is ready to collect, however please be aware our emails do sometimes end up in spam folders.

The glazes available to use in classes are Jade, Shino, Chun, White Satin, Clear and Blue Gloss.


About Your Tutor Claire Ellis

Claire Ellis is a Canadian-born emerging ceramic artist and designer based in Naarm. While working as a chef at one of the world’s best restaurants, Attica, Claire began making tableware for the tasting menu and created a ceramics studio within the restaurant.

Claire’s chef experience influences her work through a focus on raw materials and experimentation. Her research focuses on incorporating transformed waste materials into her work including glass, plastic, eggshells, ceramic sink trap waste and broken ceramics.

Claire left Attica to focus on ceramics full time in April 2021 and since then she has completed two artist residencies and developed two solo exhibitions, the first was part of Craft Victoria’s Craft Contemporary Festival 2021 and the second is part of Melbourne Design Week 2022. Claire’s work has been selected for group exhibitions in Milan and Paris later this year and it won the innovation award at the Warrandyte Pottery Expo 2022. Claire’s writing has been published in The Journal of Australian Ceramics, she presented at the 2022 Slow Clay Tent Talks and she will be speaking on the Material Magic panel at The Australian Ceramics Triennale 2022.


Instagram: @claireellisceramics


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