Mayco Clay Mender 59ml


More than ordinary slip, the enhanced formula creates a stronger bond for repairs and attachments.  It can be used on bisque to join two pieces together, but is primarily for greenware use.


Scoring the location where an attachment will be placed will strengthen the bond.  Use a needle tool, toothpick, etc. to score the surface. Apply a generous coat of AC-306 and immediately and firmly press the pieces together, holding them into place for 10-20 seconds until they become affixed. Let the area dry. After drying, the areas can then be sanded and smoothed to prepare for decoration. A top dressing of an underglaze may be needed. Clay Mender sometimes will show a slightly different color than the clay being used. There are times when the glaze will not readily adhere to the mended area and the top dressing of an underglaze will overcome this problem. Fire to shelf cone 04. Do not spray.


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