PS3010 – Northcote Pottery Stoneware Clay 10kg

An off-white, 16#, plastic stoneware body with excellent throwing characteristics for beginning throwers and makers of larger forms.

This body has excellent green strength and is easily re-cycled after throwing.  Used extensively by production potters for domestic ware, this off-white body is best suited to coloured glaze decoration. Fires to white with a grey tint at 1300ºC.

A good general handbuilding stoneware for modelling and sculpting.

Will show excellent coloured glaze effects at 1300ºC.

Bisque Temp 1000ºC – 1100ºC / Glaze Temp 1280ºC

 Wet-Dry Shrinkage 5%
Dry-1000ºC 1%
Dry -1100ºC 3.5%
Dry -1200ºC 6%
Dry -1300ºC 10%

Safety Data Sheet: PS3010 Stoneware Clay

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Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 19 cm


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