PS4080 – Fine White Earthenware Clay – 10kg

A quality, 120#, white, filter-pressed clay body suitable for controlled handbuilding and fine throwing. Fires to a cool white at 1100ºC. An excellent, sturdy, low-temperature tableware body at 1150ºC.

With a good glaze fit at 1100ºC or higher, this body will fire to 1200ºC if pushed. Will fit most Australian earthenware glazes. Responds well to a high bisque at 1100ºC.

An ideal surface for underglaze decoration or other colour additions. Suits fine handbuilding and modelling.

Will show excellent coloured glaze effects at 1100ºC.

Bisque Temp         1000ºC-1100ºC

Glaze Temp           1100ºC-1150ºC

Wet-Dry Shrinkage 5%
Dry -1000ºC Shrinkage 0.5%
Dry -1100ºC Shrinkage 0.5%
Dry -1200ºC Shrinkage 0.6%


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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 28 × 16 × 11 cm


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