Underglaze Pencil – Yellow

This Amaco Underglaze Pencil in Yellow is ideal for drawing fine lines, naming work, outlining designs, and sketching or shading onto bisque fired clay pieces.

Simply draw onto your bisque fired pieces, and when you’re finished dust lightly with a soft brush to remove any excess, and then sponge on a clear glaze to seal it in.

Usage Tips:

  • For use on bisque fired clay.
  • After you complete your underglaze pencil design, remove any residual fallout from the pencil with a soft brush and sponge on a clear glaze to seal it in.
  • Best sharpened with a knife or blade.

Firing Temperatures:

Please note the following maximum firing temperatures for Amaco Underglaze Pencils.

  • Cone 10 for Blue, Black, and Green,
  • Cone 5 for Brown and Yellow
  • Cone 05 for Rose.
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Dimensions 18 × 1 × 1 cm


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